A song for Mama

They say time heals all wounds, but this one still comes back from time to time. After all these years I still hurt, I still long for a hug, for that word of wisdom, for that silly laugh moment shared with her. Every step of success, of achievement never passes without me imaginning what difference it would have made, having her around. Oh mama, indeed you are the sweetest love of all times.

I may have spent the shortest time with you but I am so grateful to God that He granted me that time with you. For it has proved to be one of my most impactful season of my life journey. Most of all, I thank you for your love and devotion to us.

I would like to share share your beauty with the world, tell everyone some of the best lessons you gave me…

1. You taught me how to be a Lady. Yes I was your little girl, whom you treasured dearly (only next to my little brother). At 9 years of age, you talked to me like a sister. Showing me different attributes of my femininity. You allowed me to play with your make-up, (Oh that was fun). Watching how you carried yourerself, with so much dignity surely made me say to myself… “I want to be a lady like my mama.

2. You taught me how to cook: I vividly remember the excitement on your face when I prepared my first meal. It is nostalgic remembering how happy you were, even though you had directed the  cooking process. In my opinion, none has ever made French toast better than you made it.

3. She showed me that Life needs to be celebrated: You see there are times I watched her struggle to make ends meet, I was young but now I understand how much she sacrificed. Yet she never held up on any opportunity to celebrate life’s precious moments. The birthdays, excellent school results, being able to travel alone on the bus and back home safe. She had a way of making life such a celebration. Little wonder some often referred to her as the life of a party”. She was just a happy person, finding something to celebrate even in the hardest moments. Birthdays truly lost meaning after a while, we can never match up. Every time I get to celebrate something, I really wish she were here to bring her celebrant spirit to the moment. Often I just close my eyes and imagine that she’s are connected in a way, smiling down from heaven.

4. She loved, She loved, Oh she loved!! Her heart was so loving, so passionate, so strong and yet so gentle. I know you may be thinking now, “Really, was she all that?” Well to be honest, she was more of an angel to me. Having spent all my childhood with her, there’s so much I could say about her love for God, for us, for family, for friends and community in general. It’s because of this love that we have found favour before many people, especially the lovely strong woman who took on the responsibility raising us.

Knowing that mom loved us so much has given me the confidence to live a life that would honour her in all facets. It has encouraged me in my low moments when I have felt alone. Indeed there’s more to this life, Loving without holding back is one of those “more” points. It doesn’t make one a weakling but rather helps us leave behind a pleasant legacy.

Mom sure left a legacy that still lives on to date. I get remarks all the time from some of her family of how she impacted their lives and these always cause me little shivers. I feel so proud to have had her for a mother even for those few years.

Today in honour of her, I chose to share some of my thoughts about her. Maybe then, I will stop hurting so much when I think of her and instead smile and be happy especially for the fact that her legacy lives on forever.

Love you Mom

Momat work, back in the days. #RIP
Momat work, back in the days. #RIP


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