I can Do All Things 

Dear friends,

A Happy and blessed new year to you all.

This morning as I was doing my devotions, I opened my Bible app and the verse of the day was Philipians 4:13 which reads;  I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Believe it or not, I am a little emotional when I medidate on this verse. Along my work journey it has really held a lot of meaning!

I recall a time, almost 5 years back, when I had just joined Stromme Foundation (SF) as a Communications Officer (how I got the job is a story for another day). I was to be a link between SF East Africa Regional Office and SF Norway as well as spearhead the communications at RO. One of my first challenges was to produce the 2012 Annual Report for the region. You should know that I was not trained in writing. Matter of fact my first degree was in Economics. And whereas I appreciate the background it gave me in issues to do with development which are part of my job, it didn’t prepare me to write in a marketing communications way. Save for the work experience I had from my previous role at Watoto, I didn’t have any other training.

Just as thoughts of defeat started cropping up in my mind, I recalled the verse😊🙌🙌 What a light bulb moment it was for me! I can do all things… Through CHRIST I can do. That was it… Todate through collaboration with my colleagues, I have produced not 1, not 2, but 5 (five, iv, what’s 5 in French?) annual reports. This has not been a walk in the park, but truly God proving that when I involve Him in my daily struggle, He always comes through. There are many other things God has enabled me to achieve but this is one of the biggest highlights as I reflect. Organising content on 28-32 pages each year, making sure it makes sense and points the same picture of who we are as an organization and why we exist! I have definitely discovered lots of strengths I didn’t know I had. I am committing to writing more about my life experiences so that others (younger than me) can learn from them. In summary, here are a few lessons;

  1. When you have committed your life to God, there’s no wasted year or time. I am so grateful for my time at Watoto Ministries. It was my first formal job that instilled work ethics, professionalism and called out the communications skills in me. So serve wherever you are with all your heart. You’ll be surprised how much you learn that can help you grow.
  2. God places people in your path to help you along your journey. Keep good relationships with your colleagues and supervisors. You have so much to learn from them. Thanks to the mentorship of Solange Nolan, Penny Ssekyanzi, Alice Nakato, Edwin Muhumuza and Esther Agwang. These people nurtured me fresh from university into a professional worker. Thanks to my current boss Priscilla Serukka who has taught me a lot in servant leadership and being a woman of integrity. My life friends from Always Sisters and A’bemikwano who challenge me daily and my hubby Patrick Muhereza for always encouraging me to stretch my tent and constantly improve my work. You’re all creating a beautiful brand in me.
  3. Be open to learning new things. The world today is versatile and requires flexibility. Just because you trained in Economics, doesn’t mean you can not design that brochure if the need arises. Learn learn and learn.
  4. There’s so much potential in us. You can not discover your full potential by folding arms. You have to work.
  5. God has supplied enough grace for each season of your life. He loves you and has great plans for your life. If you allow him to, he will not only show you, he will lead you.
  6. Last but not least, you, yes you can do absolutely anything through Christ who strengthens you. Now go ahead and plug into this magnificent power that never runs out.

A blessed and fulfilling year ahead!

Am only, but a vessel…

Doreen.B. Muhereza


One thought on “I can Do All Things 

  1. Great lesson to learn Dee, especially at the start of the year! May it be a blessing to anyone who reads it, whether they are starting out a new career or are facing challenges at work that have overwhelmed them! Personally, it’s come at the right time! May you continue to extend God’s kingdom here through your lessons learned! Laura B.


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