Don’t hate perspectives 

This ending week, media across the globe has been flooded with comments and reactions to what a certain famous president said in reference to developing countries including mine. He categorically referred to us as shitholes.

As much as it sounds very unfair and gruesome coming from a president (I mean he should have a better way of calling us out), it is also his perspective. The Oxford dictionary defines perspective as A particular attitude towards, or way of regarding something; a view point.

I’ve learned overtime that when someone gives you their perspective of me, I should not be quick to ignore it or write off the person as bad and all the names that President has been named. I should take time to do a quick evaluation, ask myself some critical questions;

  • What kind of image is out there concerning me/my work/my living etc?
  • What have I done to contribute to this image?
  • How have I made people believe I am a certain way?
  • Is this something I should pay attention to? (Trust me there are some perspectives that are not worth losing sleep over.)
  • How can I influence a better perception of me?

As you can see, when a person gives you their perception, how you react to it matters. I am now referring to our day to day interactions. People are always going to form a certain image of you based on how you present yourself. It doesn’t necessarily make them bad people because truth be told they are just reading that script you have put on display. Of course there are people whose perceptions are based on what they think your life should look like. I am not talking about those. The ones who prefer you in a certain mould fixed only to their little mind which has no idea where God is taking you.

All I am saying is that we need to first of all take all perception positively, subject it to our internal scrutiny. Then we can choose to ignore or act in accordance to what we would like to change.
Receiving perspective is one of the best ways we can have our public image improved.

Thanks for reading…

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