Life Lessons through my 14 Months old

Photo Credits: Joz Senyondo – Devine Photography

I have come to a realisation that in our life journey, there are many things to draw lessons from that we most cases take for granted.

Over a year ago, God blessed us with the gift of a child. If I had ever doubted the existence of God (which I have never done), this journey has made me acknowledge both His sovereignty and His love for humanity. The Bible says in Psalm 14: 1 “Only fools say in their hearts that there is no God…” How true is this! When I look at the creation process and how a whole human being comes into formation, there’s no way I can pin our existence to mere science. Surely there’s a supernatural power that is beyond what I can comprehend.

Currently, our super active 14-month-old toddler continues to assert the fact that learning is all around us. A full human being who a year ago was only settling into the new world now has his own mind puts his demands across quite clearly. Raising him so far has given us the greatest joys, anxiety, frustrations, relation and a whole lot of emotions. Today as I soothed him to sleep, I reflected on a few lessons about life that I would like to share with you.

Gareth Zane ( we call him GZee), is a strong and resilient little bunny when it comes to pain and discomfort. I have watched him brave his little self through all the stages of growth, the mandatory immunization and accidents that a new toddler faces. It is quite clear that There’s no stage of growth that doesn’t involve pain or discomfort. Right from birth as he adjusted to his new world feeding, his tammy had to go through the pain before it adjusted and got used to the new ways of feeding (Of course, hubby would have a more interesting tale of that season). Currently GZee is developing a couple of molar teeth on his lower gum. One of them sprouted out so fast but the other has taken its sweet time. It has been growing since last year😊 even now it has not yet sprouted out. I have gone through a similar discomfort when my wisdom teeth are growing. I even had one growing last year! It’s not the kind that I would wish for my baby.

But such is life! With every season of growth and development, we are bound to face a few pains and discomforts that all help to add an ingredient in our character to make us more like Christ. Sometimes the seasons are long, sometimes they are short. Sometimes we only realize what it was all about after we have gone past it. How we handle the pains and discomforts determines how our character forms. For some of us, bitterness comes along, for some of us it’s a new way of understanding others and for some, a resilient character that can withstand any storm is formed. We need to be patient through each season. There are no short cuts in character formation except the kind that goes haywire.

As I watch GZee go through his growth pains, I realize that there’s nothing I can do to take away the pain. The best I can offer is comfort. Sometimes you will have growth pains that no one can help you out of. You must face them head-on so that God accomplishes that lesson in your life for you to move to the next level in life.

One thing I notice about my son, when he has pain, his preference is me or his dad. He wants to be held by the two people he is most familiar with. The ones he has a bond with. The ones he knows love him unconditionally. Now sometimes he even refuses Daddy and wants to be close to his momma. There’s a special bond between mothers and their children that can only be understood by the two parties and God. Sometimes when we are facing our growth pains, going through confusion, instead of running to the one person that knows us completely, we run away from Him. Psalm 139:16 points out how intimately God knows each one of us. We are therefore better off running to Him that knows us, our weaknesses our strengths and still loves us regardless. We should take this simple example of a child and his parent and instead spend more time seeking God to hold us. Pursuing Him just like how GZee follows us around until we hold him. Unlike us (mortal beings), God our Father is always ready with arms open to hold us. As GZee grows we are working towards pointing him to this Father in heaven who never fails.

Lastly, our GZee despite all the pains he faces, he doesn’t stop playing, laughing, discovering the next new thing. To him, life should not stop just because of a tooth that refuses to come out quickly. How many times do we sit and feel sorry for ourselves while going through these growth pains. Some people even fail to get out of the phase after it has passed. We waste a lot of time that we would have utilised to accomplish another thing altogether. Next time you have a growth pain, try not to focus so much on it. Try to convert that pain into energy and pour that energy unto working towards one of your aspirations for 2018. You will be surprised how quickly time will pass. Most of all, you will be pleased that while going through that pain, you managed to accomplish something.

Last lastly, we should not fear pain if we are to grow into our full potential. I can assure you it is inevitable. Instead we should take steps towards growth before life forces us to grow. This year I have taken a step towards growth, particularly in the area of leadership and building stronger relationships.

May God teach us how to embrace our growth seasons. May we find hope in Him who knows us, our journey and who is steering us towards fulfilling our purposed. May you turn your pains into motivations this year. God bless you as you contribute to His Kingdom!


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