Who is in your Inner Circle?

For over 2 and a half decades of my life, I cringed whenever anyone proposed that I lead a certain something. My introverted self was comfortable in my little corner, following the very confident leaders God brought my way. In fact, I always admired their confidence and was happy to just follow. But no, like folks like to say, God would not let me prosper this way. I have found myself situations where I had to rise and be a leader. I can write more about this but that’s not my focus in this blog. Probably a story for another day, someday.

After much bargaining with God,  I finally embraced this noble call and decided to be intentional at growing as a leader.  It is one month down the journey of growth and development as a Harvest Institute Student. Whelp! I am even scared to declare myself one because the pressure of keeping up is real. From what I can forecast, I and my fellow students shall surely not remain the same after this “leadership boot camp”. Talk about life changing experiences, this is definitely one of them, but this is also a story for another day. I will tell you about it after crossing the finish line sometime in December. I just wanted to share a principle I have learned from my first month’s book reading and how it has turned out too true in my life.

In his book, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, John. Maxwell describes the laws that exceptional leaders have upheld to influence masses and left a legacy. Among these is the Law of the Inner Circle; a Leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him. Although John Maxwell explains this law in reference to a work environment, I believe this Law is true in our general life. At least I have found this to be true in my life as I swept through ladies I consider to be my inner circle, I noticed that there are things that have drawn us together aside all being grounded in our pursuit of Christ, our Lord and Saviour

The Law of the Inner Circle states that a Leader’s potential is determined by those closest to him.

These ladies have challenged me to be the best version of me! They called out my strengths before I even believed in myself. They have rebuked me in love, prayed for me, cheered me on in my career and family pursuits. In brief, they have made me. This blog is dedicated to them, as I tell a little about how they have each influenced my life. And while they are all successful in various ways, today I will focus on Spiritual and Relational Capital.

Rachael Senyondo; The Spiritual Leader; Everyone needs that person that can stand in prayer when you are too weak to even utter a word. Having her in my inner circle, I know that my altar is lit. She keeps us in check in our walk with God. Challenges us to yearn for that personal closeness with our Creator. She has truly helped me keep seeking for growth in my Spiritual growth.

Sarah Walakira: The Big sister; Maybe a few months younger than some of us but she wears the big sister hat in our circle. Apart from God, Sarah is the glue that holds us all together. When we are all being immature, selfish and egocentric, Sarah’s voice of reason will speak louder than all our feelings. I don’t know how she does it, but Sarah is always available whenever one of us needs a little shoulder to lie on. I can say I have learned to handle things objectively by just having her in my inner circle.

Lynn Kayongo: The Calm one; Also known to spoil us, this wonderful gentle soul is a giver of time! She is a super planner who thinks through all the intrinsic details of any event in life. Lynn’s ability to keep calm in chaotic and stressful situations is admirable. We walked the streets of Kampala together right after we had completed University, trying to find jobs. She has that inner strength that you need around, when you feel terribly worn out.

Maggie Byaruhanga: Loyal and witty: We have so many similar characteristics with this one. She makes the Law of Magnetism (who you are is who you attract) real in my life. She is funny and yet serious. What I love most about her is her abundance attitude. She never gets limited by resources because she hinges her generous spirit on God who supplies all good things to us.

Julia Pearl B: The gentle Lover: I have lived life with her since we were in senior two. She is loyal to the dot, selfless in her love and always gives people a benefit of a doubt. She has taught me that money is just that, there’s more to life. Generosity is something she practically lives out without any effort. Julia is also resilient; she has a gentle inner strength that is crucial for winning in life.

Edna Nebira: Reach for the stars – She will encourage you from the word go, after you have shared your dream with her. So, the point is, don’t tell her your goal unless you really want to pursue it. She will keep following up and challenging you. She has already promised to buy a copy of my book! I better get writing now.

Hope Twesige: My Dance in the rain sister; Known to me as Camilla my Maltan sister, Hope is such fun to be around. She lives out the phrase, “learn to dance in the rain.” We shared our space while at University as roommates, together with Manuela Mulondo. She is as solid as an oak amidst all storms of life but what is most astounding that she keeps the joy through it all. This is something special that only a few people I know have. I am so grateful to have her in my life because she reminds me to find rythym in every season of life and keep dancing.

Manuela Mulondo: The Go Getter: You have probably read about her in magazines, newspapers, heard her on radio, watched her on TV. Yes, this phenomenal woman is one of my inner circle personals. This girl has energy that can go 72 hours nonstop. Everyone needs a Manuela to tickle you out of your comfort zone and cause you to chill mediocre zone. While at it, I don’t remember any important event in my adult life that Manuela has not given her time to. When I shared my space with her at university, I learned to be confident in my skin. To embrace my journey, stop the pity party, breakthrough limitations and be all that God created me to be.

Rosette Segujja; The Bubbly Fighter, is such a happy soul. I don’t know if there’s anything that can keep her down for long. I love her sense of humour and how she is able to keep it real with all of us. She’s not the kind that will sulk and stop talking to you because of something you said or did, she will openly let you know you pissed her off but, yet she won’t give up on you. To be honest, some days, you just need a Rosevie to make you laugh and forget you are an adult because life is too serious for a melancholic like me😊

Josephine Jyan; The Sister’s keeper: She is just the person you need on your team if you want to grow from one level to another. She uses her position to look out for opportunities for each one of us and ensures you don’t settle for less. I am grateful for my walk with Phine because she ist truly a loyal gem.

Lynn Kirabo: Do it afraid – She will step into unknown seasons, having not figured out everything but faith! It always turns out great! Lynn and I got close in my first job where we all started out as volunteers. Her selfless love is always a challenge to me. It doesn’t matter where life has taken her, Lynn is always close to me when I need her. She challenges me to be the best version of me. Also, Lynn introduced me to blogging😊

There are a few other ladies that have played significant roles in my life, but I wouldn’t want this post to get much longer than it is already. I want to acknowledge; Barbara Mourine, Della Louise, Doreen Nkwenge for your unique contribution to the person that I am.

This post is not to make my inner circle sound like angels (which they have literally been at some point in my life), but rather get you thinking, who are the people in your inner circle? What value do they add to you? How are you adding value to them? How are you all helping each other to grow? Are you becoming better versions of yourselves overtime?

Cheers, as you carry out your own personal reflection on the Law of the Inner Circle.

Book Reference: 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – John. C. Maxwell,


27 thoughts on “Who is in your Inner Circle?

  1. I probably should not have read this in class… Now, I’m seated here, tears welled up in my eyes threatening to fall! This is so beautiful, luv! I’m honored to have walked with you on this journey called life – My Twinneee!!! All the different seasons that God has allowed us to walk & grow through together.
    The idea of an inner circle is soo true and I fear that we sometimes take it for granted.
    Ps: I’m so proud of you! Harvest Institute is in for a treat with you as part of the cohort!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My darling Dona; thank you for this beautiful piece. I am more in love with the new journey; leadership is a gift from God, to want to lead his people in honesty and truth is a blessing. Remain steadfast, we will be here with you.
    Much love.

    Perfectly said on each and every one of us. We bless the lord for this journey of friendship.

    Love you lots; Phine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hope

      So deep and with so much truth.You have taken time to understand each and every one in your inner circle.You are a true friend.Am cheering you own my Maltan sister.Cant wait to be the first to have patent rights on your first ever book.Much love

      Liked by 1 person

  3. sharonmugi

    Over the next few months I’m planning on putting myself through some sort of leadership intensive course (i.e by not paying for an expensive degree at Harvard lol) reading good books on leadership, and thank you for recommending this I’ll add this to my list. And what a good read hun, I definitely agree, our inner circle can make or break us.


  4. Lynn Kayongo

    Oh sweetie,this is beautiful …am so proud of you and thank God for you and can’t wait to see more of His goodness in our lives.Will be waiting for my book in the mail😘


  5. sharonmugi

    Over the next few months I’m planning on putting myself through leadership school (by not paying for a degree at Harvard lol) reading good books on leadership and I love John Maxwell but never read this book, so thank you for recommending it. And what a great article babe, so well written and with so much truth, out inner circle can make or break us.


    1. Dee Muhereza

      Thank you hun. You should also get The 5 levels of leadership but the same author. All the best on your journey too.


  6. Maggie

    Wow wow wow… this is a great blog post Dee. The lesson is invaluable!
    Ps. You are such a loyal friend my dear. I wouldnt trade you for any other… im proud to be in ur circle!


  7. Nargis

    Inspirational!! A great read and of course….food for thought! It is rare that people appreciate others once they are still alive.


  8. BEAUTIFULLY written. I cannot express how extremely proud I am of you. I remember the university days alright and the day we had that very HARD talk and what you are doing now? That’s the Doreen I saw in that small university room years ago. I’m proud of you


  9. Sarah Nalule Walakira

    Dee, this is amazing and not because of the very kind words but also the lesson. John Maxwell is great at stiring leadership movement and i am glad you are doing his book now.


  10. These are things people say to you when you have already gone to meet your Maker. But am glad you have now. Seeing you grow to the woman you have become is mind blowing. Keep on keeping on. You carry that name with so much poise and am proud we share it.


  11. Edna

    Wow Dee…go girl. You know, at times we live life not knowing what contribution we make towards the people in our lives, am humbled to be part of your journey in this life.
    I am looking forward to December with you. Am still thinking of following you into Harvest Institute, let me organise myself 🙂 Cheers to you.


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