Heart Showers

I was thinking about what to share this time round, then I remembered Ah, I have never shared about this.

Something phenomenal happened last year. I started something that I had always wanted to do but had never quite gotten the courage.

So, I have a lovely Church family from Mavuno Kampala with whom we have purposed to do life togther. In 2016, while going through Mizizi (a 10 weeks dscipleship experience) together, we each had to share some of the fearless things we hoped to do to spread God’s love.These guys have wild dreams! Mine was to find ways to reach out to the lost teenagers (especially girls) and show the them the powerful Love of Jesus. At that time it was vague and I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do. But over time God has kept clarying it to me as I seek Him about this Kingdom desire.

I was counting down to the delivery of our first born child, and reflecting on the love that God had showed me. I had been having a series of baby showers organised for me by different groups of friends, family and work colleagues. In all these baby showers I had received a lot of gifts, love, blessings, prayer support and I was really grateful for the thoughtful presents that came my way even those I did not necessarily need. To explain “the not necessarily need”, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or downplay any of this thoughtfulness, but you see this was our first baby. We obviously were as excited as everyone else so we had also done some good shopping. As I busked in this goodness and abundance of God, He suddenly pointed me to the community of girls (vulnerable teenagers) that I had interfaced with through my work and networks. I do not know why God choose this timing but I got the biggest urge to do something similar for those girls I had access to.

I recall sharing with hubby first about it and being him (a super encourager and pusher), he immediately asked when I want to do it and what he can do help and an entire book on ideas of how I can plan it.

My friend Ruth of the popular Gatimo photography also works with Wakisa Ministries and during that season we had grown quite close. We shared quite a lot about our work everytime we met and I was deeply moved by the stories she shared about the girls at Wakisa ministries.  Wakisa is a home for vulnerable teenage girls dealing with crisis pregnancies. Most of them are between the ages of 13 – 19. Having gone through pregnancy for the first time, I learned that it is not easy to go through it, in such a fragile state like these teenagers. On top of being a pregnant child, these girls struggle with low self-esteem, identity crises, feelings of rejection, not fitting in and all the drama associated with being teenagers. But again, we know that every child is a gift from God despite the circumstances surrounding their birth. So my challenge was to find ways to minister love to these girls, so they can see the children they carry the way that God sees them. And there it started, I decided to plan a Baby Shower for the girls.

My family of friends  fully bought in and together we started mobilising resources to make the Baby Shower happens. And that’s how Heart Showers was birthed. Friends gave their resources (time, money, wisdom) and on 17 November 2017 some friends joined me and off we went to Wakisa. Oh you should have been there to catch the emotion. We went to bless but the joy we received was beyond our comprehension. Most of all, I am glad I listened to God. It is truly such a blessing to give! What an honour…

The most valuable lesson I picked is that; You don’t have to have a lot of money to be a blessing. If God tells you to do it, do it. You start, and God will open His gates of heaven and resource your dream. Anything concerning His Kingdom is already fully funded anyway and He chooses who to use. Our part is to obey and move in faith.  We went with what we had physically. But none can compare to what God equipped us to deliver; The power that resurrected Christ from the dead; The power of LOVE We spread love through our stories and let the girls know that God loves them immeasurably.

Through Heart Showers, we shall be spreading love again this year. soon, I will announce date for this year’s Showers of Love activity but you can follow Heart Showers for  updates on Heart Showers specifically. I will be glad to have you on board.

I don’t wanna box you in
You’ve been doing big things since the world began
Sometimes I just don’t understand that You’re big enough, But You’re big enough Jesus ~ Big Enough by Ayiesha Woods 


7 thoughts on “Heart Showers

    1. Hi Diana. Wakisa gives them a home for the period of the pregnancy until one – two weeks after delivery depending on their situation. Some of them give their babies up for adoption. Others are reunited with existing family. Most of them are still too young and are helped to resume school. Those who can not resume are helped through vocational skilling. Wakisa needs all the help with this. Thank you.


    2. Diana, I am sorry I forgot to respond. Unfortunately, Wakisa has capacity to keep the girls for up to 2 weeks after they have delivered. They focus mainly at impacting their lives while they are at the home. They are introduced to various vocational trades to help them get an income project after they leave. Some of them are still lucky to have their parents, guardians willing to take them back to school. A few are sponsored by well wishers and partners of Wakisa to rejoin school. Mostly they are reconnected with their existing relatives through conselling on both ends.


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