Your Story is Not a Mistake.

I have spent the last couple of weeks reflecting on purpose and how everything God created had a purpose. Did you know you have a purpose beyond yourself?

MeghanI was taken aback by The Duchess of Sussex’s background. The little I know about her is that she comes from an average American family and has pretty much had an average life growing up. I want to believe that even though the events of her life, God had a purpose for her. A role that only she can fulfill. I also believe that this role is beyond the office she has now assumed that comes with all the privileges.  Above all the glam, she must be passionate about something deep within, something that will change the world. God saw it a long time ago and has now strategically placed her where she is so she can be able to fulfill it. Watch and see the world, these words will make some sense in time to come.

But away from the princess life. I recall having a similar discussion with a friend (I forget who it was), about how it’s never about us. Are you feeling so blessed that you can’t contain it, everything is aligned according to your plan, all your dreams are coming true and you have an overflow of joy everlasting? You may not even believe in God but guess what, It’s not about you. Truth is your blessings and all the wealth and good things you enjoy will soon wither. But if you tap into your heart, ask God to show you, you will soon discover that you are blessed because there’s a higher purpose for your life. It is this purpose that when fulfilled will be remembered when you are long gone.

What about you, who may be going through some tough lessons and feel like God has forgotten you. You have been believing and sought His face more than Jesus himself did. Or perhaps it’s a series of mishaps that keep happening that leave you wondering why it’s all coming to you. Maybe you have been on a certain ‘mountain’ too long and day by day you wait for God to answer, but alas, its silent! Still, I say to you, it’s not about you. When you realize that you have a higher purpose than whatever situation you face, you will get a different perspective and keep the joy even through the pain. I know a little bit about being in both abundance and need, pain and celebration. I could quote scripture and all but as you know by now, I love speaking from my heart.

Last week as I interacted with teenage girls in the Masai community, God affirmed something within me that has been birthed out of my life journey. I was meeting with 13 – 20-year old girls, most of them married off unwillingly to older men. Of course, they shared very heartbreaking stories that left me sad. I told them that even though they can not change their past, they can start right where they are to change their story. They have been given an opportunity to learn skills that will equip them for a better life. Most are still too young and can even take advantage of the speed school programs being introduced to catch up with school. Who knows, their journey to a good education may just have begun. But they need to embrace their story and take up the opportunities.

Dee.jpgIn that spirit of sharing, I was led to be vulnerable with them and shared a bit of my own journey. I told them that by the age of 10, I had lost both my parents. By the grace of God, my brothers and I got raised by an awesome family that provided for our basic needs. Thankfully I realized early enough that I had a golden opportunity, not to be wasted. Children’s camps by compassion International played a big role in building my Christian faith and belief in a higher purpose driven life despite my shaky childhood.  What was surprising for me though was freedom I had while sharing bits of my childhood life. In the past, I used to feel so insecure about my story. Fear of being pitied, judged kept me from using it as the powerful inspiring story that it is.  As I have grown, I have realized that in sharing it, many are set free from struggles of self-image and the like.  This time, I felt such freedom. God reminded me that what I regarded as insignificant is being used to stir up others for the good of their lives and His Kingdom. Have I wished for a different story in life? Yes, I definitely have. HI am glad that now, God has brought me past the tears and opened my eyes to see the beauty in my own story. To see what an opportunity I have to use it for a purpose beyond me.

What is God teaching you through your life journey?

Don’t ignore the signs to a doorway of your ministry.


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