Raising Genius Children – The Child Brain Stimulation Workshop.

Child Stimulation workshopWhenever I hear of something productive especially in relation to the future catalysts of change, you can be sure that I will not keep it to myself.

So, have you heard about this insightful workshop? The child stimulation workshop was born out of a partnership between The Cradle and The Business of Play with a common shared goal of educating caregivers to raise the next generation of leaders in Uganda right from the most crucial years of cognitive development, ages new-born to 5 years. Research has proven that the first five years are foundational in preparing a person for a successful life. What we do with children in those first years sets the stage not only for the child’s success but the next generation’s future as a whole.

I attended the first edition of the Child Stimulation workshop, and boy or boy, let me just say, if you want your child to be a solution provider, problem solver, innovator and not just go with the status quo, this is where the journey starts. You should not miss out on this opportune moment. My baby was barely a year then, so it was good for me to get tips on how to boost his language development, how to encourage his curiosity and help him to think as he explores and learns about his environment. This doesn’t come naturally for us who grew up in the generation of “Because I said so…” style of parenting. In addition, as we are so busy chasing a career, and building a future for the little ones, we forget that spending time with them is in itself helping them prepare for this future.

I will be joining Level II this time around. We will learn how to stimulate a child’s brain through Reading. Reading books to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world. It helps them develop language and listening skills and prepares them to understand the written word. Reading to babies and toddlers set them up to succeed, develops language skills, enhances their concentration, encourages a thirst for knowledge, teaches them about different topics, develops their imagination and creativity, helps to develop empathy, provides entertainment and helps to create a bond between parents and children.

The Cradle in partnership with The Business of Play aims to teach caregivers how to stimulate a child’s creativity and problem-solving skills through simple interactions with their caregivers called serve and return play. Caregivers will learn research techniques to foster learning, connection, curiosity, and a rapidly expanding vocabulary which in turn leads to accelerated neurological and academic growth for years to come.

Love it, what are you waiting for? Click to proceed to the sign up page.


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