Don’t Run on Empty

Life today is fast paced with so many things demanding our attention. Before this year, I considered my life quite busy more so after the birth of our first child. I did not think I could handle any additional role other than my day job and family life. Granted, I was also serving in Church, but that was seasonal, not all year round. Then 2018 happened, and I challenged myself to add something else to my routine. I strongly believe in self-improvement and development. Since I figured I couldn’t yet go for my dream masters program, I found something that could help me develop myself in the meantime. I was also feeling quite stuck. My growth had stagnated and I was beginning to settle for average in certain aspects of life. Truth be told, an average life can get extremely boring at times. We all need some excitement that comes with breaking the routine and some surprises (good or bad). When the opportunity to join Harvest Institute presented itself, I reluctantly but firmly jumped at it. And mehn or mehn… I had no idea it would open up my mind to so many other things.

Life did not only get exciting, it got stretching in all directions. When I became so mindful of how I spent my time I got to see how much of it was wasted. In an effort to keep up with my new pace, I needed to come up with a weekly schedule and stick to it. I realize now how ambitious I was. To cut the long story short, I failed to keep it up, in the weeks that followed, I ended up cheating my me time and family time. My breaks from work ended up being just about the projects I am working on until a few weeks ago when I found myself extremely tired and caught some signs of burn out. Yes, I had accomplished so many things that I could never have imagined to even start a year ago. I am truly grateful to God for this. But I recognized my need to balance out life. I need to be healthy and whole to give the best of me. Certain aspects had been suffering.

Thanks to annual leave, these past eight days have been very refreshing in mind, body, and soul. I understood why the lesson on Rest and Solitude was among our first lessons at HI. I had a great time with God, myself and family.  Even when the urge came to check work emails, I am glad that I resisted and just enjoyed taking it slow. Not only do I feel refreshed now, Abwoli (one of my colleagues at work) says I look fresh this morning.

While away, I got to read and follow, about the late Pastor Andrew who succumbed to depression and stress. I reflected on how the effects of burn out, can be subtle and gradual but very fatal. His story is heartbreaking but like his family, I am choosing to focus on the lessons from it.  I read somewhere that; If you wait until you’re thirsty to take a drink, it’s too late. You’re already dehydrated.

20180917_092241Are you running on empty, or dehydrated? Please do not ignore the signs. Do not wait until you are empty to take a drink.

Now, soldiering on, as I make sure that with God’s help I finish the year’s projects strong!

For His Glory…

Do not wait until you are empty to take a drink.


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