Making The Invisible God Visible.

I found this article in my archives of 2013. See, I opened this blog in 2011 with the help of Lynn Kirabo. During those days she thought I was so wise that I needed to share my thoughts with the world:-) But God was still refining my speech and dealing with all my excuses just like He dealt with Moses. I kept the blog open but I never published anything I wrote. Fast Forward to when I understood my purpose in life, I suddenly felt the urgency with which I needed to get over myself and start living life through God’s eyes. I am here now and I can tell you for a fact, it is fun, liberating and challenging altogether. I love life!

Back to the article that never got published. I thought that since we are in the month of remembering how Christianity came about, what better time than now to share these wonderful words I must have picked from a book or an article I read.

Someone reminded me that the ‘gospel spreads best not through force, but through fascination.  People see your life and they want to have that kind of blessing you possess. When a faith-based community lives differently, around a different worldview, formed by grace and generosity, those outside the community are provided a taste of the kingdom, awakened and drawn in by love. The kingdom of God operates with a different economy.  It is a kingdom where love rules and dominates our actions and attitudes, and people and places are restored toward God’s original intent.  How is this rule of God made tangible to those who don’t know Him?

We make the Invisible God visible by making love tangible to others…

God’s plan was incarnation. Jesus became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1.14). And His followers were sent out, to carry on His mission, making the kingdom – and King (Jesus) – tangible to others. Therefore, we make the invisible God visible – by making love tangible to others. Christianity is not primarily a system of beliefs, but a lifestyle that looks more and more like Jesus.  It’s like showing off God to others – by letting Jesus love through us. Radical and generous love that is inclusive, real and liberating and truth-telling (anything less is a religion that is empty of Christ and rejected by the masses).  

For others to know us by our love – requires us to get up close and personal with people.  This means that we develop relationships where people are invited deep into our lives.  As we seek to love others well, we are also transformed, as it helps us be free from our independence and isolation, self-absorption and self-apathy. Living well comes from loving well.  And this is done not at a distance, but in close proximity to others. 

Place matters to God. God’s strategy placed Jesus in a specific time in history, in a specific local and family and community.  He also places us strategically – so that we can be a part of His mega mission to have the whole world know and experience His wild love.  Jesus became human…and ‘moved into the neighbourhood. God places us in neighbourhoods.  We are not to see our homes as a commodity, like a real estate investment, but rather centres of hospitality and stability.  Neighbours matter to God. And we are His agents to love them well, reflecting Jesus to them in our availability and friendship. Try to have a balanced life so you can have time to know your neighbours and share the love with them.

There are things we didn’t choose, like family, nation… and there are those that we chose like friends, neighbourhoods, workplaces. But these too are guided by God. When we realize that God has specifically placed us into those places, relationships, so that He can weave our locality into His grand scheme, life takes on a new dimension.  The mission is always incarnated for a particular context.  This is faith that people can see, touch and feel.  It is life as a witness, in a particular place.  Consider asking yourself:  how attentive are you to where you are placed?  Present and prayerful to those around you?

We ought to incarnate Christ and be a blessing to our community, being present to needs and concerns. As we integrate into the community to serve and bless, we incarnate the presence of Jesus, creating an environment where Jesus is encountered and people and places are transformed.  Together, we are all on a mission to make the invisible visible – that the whole world would know God’s love.  It is why Jesus died…and how we are to live.  It is also what brings the deepest joy!

I challenge you today to be more cautious about making the invisible God visible to all you encounter!

When we realize that God has specifically placed us into those places, relationships, so that He can weave our locality into His grand scheme, life takes on a new dimension.


2 thoughts on “Making The Invisible God Visible.

  1. Priscilla M S

    Thank you about the challenge/reminder about making the invisible God visible.
    I am thinking that it comes with sacrifice, at times great sacrifice and allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Keep it up


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