Are We Helping Our Enemy In Branding Our House?

Thoughts from The Fearless Summit 2019

Last week, I attended the Fearless Summit, organized by Mavuno Church.

The Fearless Summit is an annual gathering of Church and marketplace leaders who are passionate about bringing godly change in every sector of society. This was my second time to attend the summit. The theme, BE BRAVE, spoke right into the season that my family and I are in at the moment.

As always, the sessions were very thought provocative and you would require a special kind of mind not to be driven out of any comfort zone. I loved that there was a variety of speakers.

Early on in 2018, as I sought God’s guidance for the year, God began to show me that I had received more than enough goodness and that my season to give back had come. I sensed strongly that I needed to guard myself against spiritual obesity. If you have been following my journey, you know how different I turned out in 2018. God literally pushed me out of my comfort zone and I slowly comfronted some of my biggest fears and insecurities. As 2019 begun, I was charged to reach for me. Until the enemy planted lies and setbacks in my path. I had allowed the storms to distract me from my ultimate purspose!

Fearless 2019, reminded me of my journey and all of God’s promises spoken over my life. I went for it with an open heart, ready to receive a new word for the season. Two speakers delivered it home for me. But David Kuria’s session stood out most. He spoke about the Church as a Brand. The propaganda being spread and how the children of the house of God are ignorantly helping to spread this propaganda. Sad!

To use his illustration, let me put it this way. If you are/have worked in a corporate brand that has global or regional presence, you would agree that as soon as you sign a contract of employment/engagement, your representation becomes synonymous to that of the brand you have signed up for. Let’s say for instance that this brand is a bank, X Bank. You will probably go through the HR code of conduct as an employee of this bank. You will probably be expected to communicate a certain way, represent X bank in a way that promotes the brand image. If for one reason, X Bank has a bad PR moment that you get confronted with, as a loyal and good staff of X bank, regardless of which branch has caused the bad PR, as a good staff you will naturally want to clear the name of X Bank. You will try not to spread the spin so as not to cause more damage.

Now, let’s look at the Church, the body of Christ. Different people are called into different spaces to meet a specific need. But I have observed that we try to judge each of these different ministry spaces through our default knowledge of who Christ is. By this I mean, we take the unique ministries through judgement, according to the understanding of God we have perceived. What happens then? If for some reason that other lady’s preaching doesn’t pass through my self-made spiritual sieve, I label them fake or whatever. So if an attack, (Satan’s propaganda) is waged against that other their ministry, I will be the first to add my stones and spread the word around. In the meantime, I continue to tell the world that Christianity is all they need. We have love and blah blah blah. But the world is also watching how we interact. Preaching Christ and the love of God. But our actions, towards each other do not represent the wholistic nature of the Brand of Christ.

This got me really thinking. How can we profess unity and love to the world and not love the same people that are in the family? How do we expect those that do know Christ to believe that God truly loves? Obviously, we have done a lot of damage to the brand of the Church. Many people have been hurt in the process. In fact, let me apologize to those who may be reading this, and you have faced pain due to this confusion.

I want to challenge all Christians. Before you make that post, make that remark to add salt to a wound the enemy has caused to one of us, remember an attack on one part, is an attack on the Church as a whole. So, it’s not okay for you to spread that propaganda just because you do not understand Christ the way the other person does. God chooses to reveal Himself to each of us the way He chooses to. And sometimes His revelation varies depending on the seasons we are in life. This means that the way we relate with God, which affects how we worship varies from person to person. And this is okay. He is still Sovereign. And that Image of who He is, should not be diminished just because He is speaking to us differently.

My Father’s Daughters

Fellow Children in the house of God, please remember that our greatest enemy is always at work. If He won’t succeed in trying to stop more souls from being saved, He will love to throw confusion our way to get our focus off the main thing. Don’t fall prey. May we be keen in protecting our Father’s house in one accord. Knowing that He that began this work, desires for us to be united as we continue to advance His Kingdom here on earth.

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