Can Anybody Hear Her?

Does Anybody See?

I have not been here in a long time.I mean putting my thoughts here. But this Friday I experienced something that tugged at my heart so strongly when I attended the Wakisa Ministries Thanksgiving ceremony. I got to hear and experience Mummy Vivian’s (The Founder of Wakisa) heart and passion. I have not met so many people with such love that she has towards those broken girls.

Mummy Vivian giving her remarks at the Wakisa Thanksgiving ceremony.

In case you are reading my blog for the first time, let me bring you up to speed with how I got connected with Wakisa. I have always had the desire of reaching lost and broken girls, encouraging them to pick themselves up, lavishly loving them so that they can understand the extravagant love of Jesus. In 2016, while growing a little person in my belly, having gone through the motions of pregnancy, I was led to think about the teenagers who were faced with crisis pregnancy. Wakisa Ministries is and has been home for many girls of this kind for the past 15 years. Most of the girls that have gone through this home have faced been rejection and judgement from people that are supposed to love and protect them. Wakisa was founded on the premise of restoration and love, both attributes that are central to Heart Showers, an organization I founded two years ago with the help of friends and family to reach out to lost girls. Hearing the stories from some of the girls ripped my heart in pieces.

If you share this same burden, come on in and add a boost to our efforts. Together we can achieve bigger things!

I met a twelve-year-old pregnant girl. Before you label these girls just spoilt brats, stubborn, and all the labels that are placed on them, I need you to understand that none, whatsoever has ever dreamed of being a pregnant teenager. Many of them have very disturbing reasons. I will share a story I heard from one; let’s call her Najja.

Najja is 17 years old and already a mother. She got pregnant at 15 years old through defilement by her step father. Without a clear plan, she had to leave home to stop herself from being abused continuously. Her biological dad on hearing she was pregnant had blamed her and never wanted anything to do with her. She found herself at a police station in Mukono where an officer later linked her up with Wakisa. Najja shared that on many occasions, she had contemplated abortion, she hated her life. But through counselling at her new community, Wakisa her hope in life was restored. She got to learn new skills in tailoring, knitting which helped her to cope with her pain and discomfort. Mummy Vivian got her a guardian family who accepted to take her in. The family has been very supportive and has even gone ahead to enroll her back into school. Her Father finally came around. Through Wakisa, reconciliation and forgiveness where fostered. Najja’s baby now lives with the grandfather while she continues to study.

Love needs no reason. These girls are so broken and lost, a child being pregnant with a child. Seeing how Wakisa has restored hope to many of the young ladies assured me that not all hope is lost. That if we keep doing what we are doing, if we keep holding hands together and being the sisters’ keepers, many more trajectories will be changed. Of course we desire to have all little girls given a chance to be just that. I do not wish to deal with this brokenness all the time. But this world is not perfect and right now, instead of adding to the judgement and pain the girls face, I have chosen to share light, love and hope.

Through Heart Showers God has called us to share love with them. To give them hope and another chance to see life through a different mirror. We may not have the capacity to do much at the moment, but by coming alongside ministries like Wakisa, that are aligned with our mission, our little contribution makes a huge difference. But we can not do it alone. We need you to partner with us in both prayer and financial support. We need your time and skills as we grow and expand. We have seen that crisis pregnancy is just a symptom of many underlying issues. We want to go out to launch clubs in primary and secondary schools to demystify the lies that the girls are exposed to. To make them realise their greater purpose before the enemy manipulates their naivety. If you share this same burden, come on in and add a boost to our efforts. Together we can achieve bigger things!

Our third love shower, as we prefer to call them, will be happening this Wednesday 20 November. In case you are still deciding whether to bless a young teen mother, think about being pregnant, at 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 years? Think about the emotions you had to deal with as a teenager, fun, huh? I didn’t think so either. Now, think about the fact that as a teenager, you have a whole human growing inside of your belly. It’s hard to imagine. That feeling you get, those chills you have going through your body, that is why you need to join us as we play our small part of showering love, speaking life, reigniting purpose and restoring hope to these young ladies. It will bless your heart more than you can imagine.

Reach out to us at or across all social media @heartshowers


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