2019, A long and Fruitful Year!

A happy New year to you friends. You made it, Wow!

Truth be told, I wrote this post last year😊, Okay, just a few days ago but between fulfilling my mommy duties, being present as a wife and ensuring I prayerfully prepared for the crossover night, I was forced to pause and return to it later.

I don’t know about you but for me, 2019 was one lonnnng year!  So much happened that at times I had to double check to ensure I was not living in 2018. It was the year in which I started to grasp what the true meaning of adulting. Fair enough for me to appreciate and understand God’s grace and love for me.

Well, to start with, I would like to thank God for life. I am alive, my family both the immediate and extended are alive. I say this with utmost gratitude because at the beginning of 2019, Patrick and I were on an ET flight that had an unstable landing in Entebbe. We literally survived running into Lake Victoria. Uganda was still in shock about the ship that had capsized a couple of weeks back, taking many young people’s lives with it. It was scary living through those few moments of panic around us. I don’t even know how we stayed calm. We could hear the squeaky sound of the tyres as the pilot struggled to halt the aircraft. We even caught a glimpse of smoke in the aircraft. When the rescue team came to fetch us, as we boarded off the aircraft, we noticed that it had nearly hit the fence that separated land from water. Water being, Lake Victoria. It could have been worse. But God spared our lives! It was truly God. Because a couple of months later another ET crashed, claiming all the lives that were on board. May the lives of those lost continue to rest in peace.

Early in March 2019, we got a break-in at our house. It was in the night. I was quite exhausted from the day’s work. I had just run through the clinic so I had an early one to bed. I had prepacked my passport and National ID in my purse, ready to pick my new passport the next day.  I am quite a light sleeper. I hear the slightest noise around me. But for some reason I didn’t hear anything this time round. I woke up to a sight of a half-dressed man over our bed. At fist I thought it was hubby but as looked closely, it was not my love. A stranger was in my space. I quickly tapped Pato. As we both begun to scream and shout, I watched as the dark, tall and lean stranger dashed off with the last of his loot, including my bag with my crucial documents.  He was so swift. The sleeping guard had no chance at catching him after being awakened by our concerned neighbors. The security dog had been poisoned and was fighting for its life, poor thing. I remember not being able to sleep for the next couple of days. Eventually found another house and moved out. The picture of the man stayed with me. I had to pray out fear for to be able to move on. It is still humbling to think that our lives were at the mercy of these strangers for hours while we slept. We have heard of many other horrible endings. Life is precious and I am glad that despite all that we lost, God preserved our lives. It was surely not for the sake of it. We have an assignment to fulfill for His great Kingdom.

Even though we faced several other challenges including a car break-in, 2019 still offered us a lot of spiritual and character growth. It was my year of implementation, based on 2018’s lessons. I also conquered many fears and had my faith in God; that assurance that He loves me beyond doubt, reaffirmed and strengthened.

On the career and business front, I got a promotion at work which gave me the opportunity to start off a department. Although I shortly had to leave in obedience to God’s new direction, I truly appreciate the lessons I learned that I believe are already being used in the different spaces that God has placed me. I also got to start my consulting career in marketing communications. Patrick and I got to join our friends to start The Knot Experience, a space for couples to grow in intimacy.

God also enabled me to see growth in my ministry and life purpose. I got to speak to young people, Heart Showers got legal registration status. Yippee. And God amazingly enabled us to hold two love showers for girls faced with crisis pregnancy in two different homes.

Even when we were down, God sent our way messengers of hope and affirmation. Fully paid for weekend treats, holidays, home needs catered for… He did this to remind us that the same God on the mountaintop is the same God in the valleys and He cares about our lives in their entirety.

Of all the highs and low that came with the year, most significant for me was when we stepped out in faith and started a legacy. God enabled us to plant Vive Church. A community of friends and family joined us to start a different expression of Church that seeks to Love God, Love People and Catalyze Purpose among young the younger generation. We just had our fifteenth service last weekend. What a journey it has been so far! From venue searching to miraculous doors opening, to worshiping via YouTube music, to hosting worship teams, to leading a community of people crazy enough to pursue their dreams. And now, we have a new home right in the city, Garden City to be precise. We have restored the space that was formerly occupied by Cineplex Cinema where we meet for regular Sunday Services, 10 am. Come, check us out one of these days.

God is truly up to something… Audacious; is the word God has given us for 2020. We are to move forward with strength and courage, no holding back. I have held back quite for long. But not anymore, I am coming for it all. I want to encourage you to do the same. If you are of God, our Father, everything you need to live the life He has created you to live is already available for you. Step into your purpose. Don’t hold back. He says to you and I, just like He spoke in Joshua 1:9; Be Strong, Be Courageous. He has already gone before you, opened doors, broken walls, just so you can walk into that purpose He created you to fulfill.

2020, We’re living; Audaciously.


Happy New Year from my people and I.

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