Giving God Second Best

I have been thinking about something that I have heard several friends say. “I am too busy; I hardly have time for personal devotions.” One friend recently asked me why I was not sharing the scriptures and passages as often as I used to. Well, I tend to take longer these days and my socials are less consistent as I would wish them to be. I have been adjusting to many other roles and responsibilities that I have taken on. (I digress)

Back to my point. I surely get how busy life can get. I find myself getting into the same craze every now and then. But for what I have learned every time I act too busy to relate with my Father, I miss the point. Feelings of inadequacy all over sudden overtake me, I feel more pressure to perform. I feel more tired and constantly overwhelmed. You have probably heard this statement said before; You will always make time for what is important to you.

over a year ago, when I was still working at my old job, I used to travel quite a bit. Often because these trips involved multiple travel avenues, there was a strict schedule to follow. I hated the early morning 4:00 am flights particularly. They meant that I needed to be at the airport by 2:30 am. Which meant that I had to start my trip from home an hour prior. I don’t recall a single flight that I missed due to lateness. I often was within the allowed time. Why? Maybe because I knew that missing a flight meant I had to pay for the reschedule which also translated into a greater inconvenience to all those who were waiting on me. So I would set several alarms to ensure that I do not slip off in slumber. To ensure that each that my itinerary stayed intact.

Now, let me compare this to my appointed time to seek my Father’s face. I am not proud to admit that until recently, I never honored my appointments with my Father as I would honor appointments with the world. I kept changing the times according to what suited me the most. If I felt so tired from my day’s work, I would say a little prayer to God as if to warn Him that I might miss the morning appointment because He also sees I am tired. Hehehe… I would then snooze my alarms until It got so late that I had to get ready for work. It would be easier to honor these appointments when I needed Him to step into a situation though but for most of the days, I would play my own superhero. The thing is with every day, we find it so easy to replace our time with God with something that we dim more important, we distance Him from our mundane days and hence deny His supernatural power.

When we look at Jesus, our example, It said of him that; “In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.” ~  Mark 1:35 (NASB)  According to other portions of scripture, this was not once but OFTEN. He had some set time to refuel and rejuvenate.

We can not give God our second best and then expect that we will go through our days with a mind that is alert to His voice and leading. Don’t be in such a hurry respond to the screaming world that you miss out on getting your blueprint from heaven to help you tackle problems dropped in your path. I am not saying that you miss your flight or important meetings, that wouldn’t be wise. But instead of canceling your time with Your Father, adjust your schedule to ensure that He is still in His place. God is loving and kind, He will make it up to you more than you can imagine.

We can not give God our second best and then expect that we will go through our days with a mind that is alert to His voice and leading.

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Whatever you do, do not make it a habit to give God the second best.

Love and light


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