Run Your Race

Comparison is one of the greatest joy killers that many of us fall into, while on our purpose journeys. It is easy to be satisfied with your life until you see someone else with something you don’t have. Social media has heightened this, with the constant updates we receive from people we do not even know that much. We want the car they drive as seen on IG, we want to go on the holidays they have shared on their stories. Even children want better toys, better shoes, better grades than their peers. The list goes on. Everyone, young and old has from time to time had to deal with the comparison.

Admittedly, a little comparison has indeed worked for the good as it has pushed many to strive for excellence. The problem comes however when the drive to be better, smarter, richer, trendier is more about other people than it is about us wanting to be the best versions of who we truly are. In this case, we end up looking at what other people have achieved, attained, and want to be in the very positions they are without taking into consideration that they’ve had different rivers to cross, mountains to climb that have all led them to where they are. These have been specifically placed in their path by God to make them the best people for what God has assigned them to do. The same is true for every one of us.

I have had several experiences with comparison at different stages of my life. While in my teens it was mostly about how I looked compared to others. Like several adolescents, I had an outbreak of acne which made it worse. I always felt like I didn’t have the fairer skin, the cooler clothes, trendier shoes, etc. My tactic was to keep to myself because it was safer to avoid being noticed. As I began to understand and love myself, I realized that these were all part of my growth and indeed they soon ceased to bother me.  The comparison trap however showed up at different phases of my life until I understood my distinct purpose.

Comparison kills contentment. The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it with something else. I have seen this, especially among married couples. Forgive me ladies but I have seen this more prevalent among us. When partners put their spouses on the yardsticks of other people, they fail to see how uniquely special they are. Instead, they become critics of their spouses’ every action sucking the life out of their relationship.

The fastest way to kill something special is to compare it with something else. ~ Craig Groeschel

We should all learn to appreciate the fact that we are unique and have unique journeys mapped out for us. We will find ourselves more efficient if we understood that we have different races to run and at the end of it all we will be held responsible for what we were assigned to do. Not what we hopped on because we wanted to outrun someone.

God had each of us in mind for a specific assignment when he created us the way we are. What we have or do not have at any particular time keeps us in a position to handle that specific assignment. We can’t faithfully fulfill this assignment if we are constantly comparing ourselves to others. They have their race to run and so do we. We can not run someone else’s race. And while at it it is important to remember that we are not running for a temporary prize but an eternal prize.

Friends, If you struggle with comparing yourself to others remember that nobody can beat you at being you. There is an anointing on your life not to be someone else. You are anointed to be you. Do not fall for the trap of comparison as It will take your focus off your uniqueness and leave you either feeling inferior or superior. Both extremes are not good in your purpose journey.

My challenge to you today is that you get so busy running your race that you block out any petty comparisons. Seek your Creator, our God to show you what you need to do at every stage. And when you see someone else running along the same path, remember theirs maybe just for a specific season because they too have a unique race to run and you can not run their race.

There’s no win in comparison!

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