Avoiding The Drift

Oh hey world! Still here? Wow, amazing. For whatever reason, you chose to come by, I can’t help but say thank you. In the midst of so much going on the digital streets, I am humbled to have your inestimable audience. It is such a thrill to revive this thought space after weeks of unintended …

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God Thinks You’re So Cool!

God’s thoughts about you are good!  Watching my son grow is one of the most amazing things about parenthood. I recall the tiny images of him from the scans while he was still forming in my womb. Though we couldn’t make out clearly what each body part was. It was surreal to just watch and …

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Run Your Race

We should all learn to appreciate the fact that we are unique and have unique journeys mapped out for us. We will find ourselves more efficient if we understood that we have different races to run and at the end of it all we will be held responsible for what we were assigned to do. Not what we hopped on because we wanted to outrun someone.