Can Anybody Hear Her?

Does Anybody See? I have not been here in a long time.I mean putting my thoughts here. But this Friday I experienced something that tugged at my heart so strongly when I attended the Wakisa Ministries Thanksgiving ceremony. I got to hear and experience Mummy Vivian’s (The Founder of Wakisa) heart and passion. I have …

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Timeless Lessons

There, in my little room, I decided that I was tired. Tired of being less than the person God had created me to be. I surrendered to God's way of doing life. In that brokenness, I recall, I prayed that He would mold me into the person He was saying I was when I read Psalm 139. I didn't even know what that prayer would bring about but I remember hearing the words, “Serve Others, Go out, stop feeling sorry for yourself... Your healing will come through serving others”

Are We Helping Our Enemy In Branding Our House?

Fearless 2019, reminded me of my journey and all of God’s promises spoken over my life. I went for it with an open heart, ready to receive a new word for the season. Two speakers delivered it home for me. But David Kuria's session stood out most. He spoke about the Church as a Brand. The propaganda being spread and how the children of the house of God are ignorantly helping to spread this propaganda. Sad!