Can Anybody Hear Her?

Does Anybody See? I have not been here in a long time.I mean putting my thoughts here. But this Friday I experienced something that tugged at my heart so strongly when I attended the Wakisa Ministries Thanksgiving ceremony. I got to hear and experience Mummy Vivian’s (The Founder of Wakisa) heart and passion. I have …

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Fear or God, Not Both.

I’ve learned that when I fear anything’/anyone, I am in a way setting up a ‘god’ for myself and diminishing who God is in my life. When I fear to give love the way that Jesus offers it to me, then I have not allowed His perfect love to settle within me. I am still holding on to my pride, ego, my selfishness instead of embracing His perfect love. John 4:18; “There’s no fear in love. But Perfect love drives out all fear…” (NIV).