Reflect. Learn. Grow…

It has been a month of reflection over here. Being half way through the year, I deliberately took it slow to reflect on what I have been learning over these past months. I wanted to see how it is impacting me on my journey. The idea came while we were in the preparing for our  mid-year review of our annual workplan at work. We were just about to go through the performance appraisals and I thought it would also make sense to have a review of my personal life too, outside the job am paid to do.


Brand Identity; My country and I.

Recently I was on a flight and there was an interesting interview of one of the most successful businessmen in Dubai. The founder and CEO of DAMAC Construction; the brain behind many magnificent hotels in Dubai including the Marina that we had a chance to visit a couple of years back. In this interview something caught my attention, for UAE, development is not by chance. It is an effort of strategic planning and intentionality in working out the image of the UAE.