Timeless Lessons

There, in my little room, I decided that I was tired. Tired of being less than the person God had created me to be. I surrendered to God's way of doing life. In that brokenness, I recall, I prayed that He would mold me into the person He was saying I was when I read Psalm 139. I didn't even know what that prayer would bring about but I remember hearing the words, “Serve Others, Go out, stop feeling sorry for yourself... Your healing will come through serving others”

People of Influence – Priscilla

My first interaction with her was towards the end of 2012. I was being interviewed for a job at Stromme Foundation and she was on the panel. Oh, how I used to dread interviews! This was my first job interview ever. After several talks between myself and God, I understood that this was beyond just …

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